Professional front and rear suspension system

Select Zhenglin brand shock absorption, front positive double shock absorption, rear adjustable mid-range shock absorption combination, excellent suspension adjustment, clear road surface feeling.

Double eye headlights + rearview mirror integrated turn signal

LED headlights look like eagle eyes, sharp and fascinating, highlighting the temperament; open high-end LED turn signals on the back of the rearview mirror, sci-fi cool, one eye is eye-catching.


Full line of integrated fairings

The full-enclosed fairing of the traditional sports car fits the aerodynamic principle and greatly reduces the drag coefficient; in addition, the shape line is full, and it has both speed and beauty, and the momentum is magnificent.

Alien face shape  LED tail light combination

The unique taillight shape is matched with LED lamps, and the recognition is extremely high.


Zhengxin brand tire + large diameter disc brake

The first 120//70-17 and the last 160/60-17, Zhengxin brand vacuum tires, combined with the front double rear single disc brake system, provide strong braking performance.

Multifunction  digital LCD instrument

Luxury LCD meters, in addition to all types of driving information. The light strip above the meter makes the instrument more sci-fi cool.


High rigidity cradle frame

The new frame is built with automotive-grade craftsmanship and standards to ensure high rigidity while giving the car unparalleled high-speed stability.

Bold steel pipe rear fork

The flat-shaped flat steel fork with a bold design has a thicker appearance and inherently high rigidity and durability.



It is equipped with a 394cc parallel two-cylinder 8-valve engine, equipped with water-cooled and American Delphi EFI system, and uses a six-speed chain transmission gearbox. The maximum power is 25.5kw/8200rpm, the maximum torque is 35.5N.m/5500rpm, and the maximum speed is up to 160KM/h.

All-aluminum forged split handle

Adjust the opening width according to your needs, and operate flexibly and agilely.


Low seat height design

Seat height only780mm

Very affable.

Mature ergonomics

A reasonable three-point sitting design, as well as a sinking U-shaped saddle, fits the human body curve and enhances driving comfort to a certain extent.

Basic performance parameters of JM400 Ji Yue S sports car
Length X width X height(mm) 2025X760X1135
Seat height(mm) 780
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 155
Engine type Double cylinder, water cooled
Displacement(ml) 394
Compression ratio 10.5:1
Maximum power(kw/rpm) 25.5/8200
Maximum torque(N.m/rpm) 35.5/5500
Oil supply method Electronic fuel injection
Maximum speed(km/h) 160
Variable speed mode International 6 files
Curing quality(kg) 188
Fuel tank capacity(L) 16
Brake form Front double disc brake, rear single disc brake
Suspension system Front inverted double shock absorption, rear adjustable single shock absorption
Tire specifications (front) 120/70-17
Tire specifications (post) 160/60-17

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